In some cases, your system may generate a “wdspxe.dll error” error message. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    This article resolves a fatal issue that prevents Windows Deployment Services (WDS) from starting on a remote PXE-enabled distribution point in Configuration Manager. Original

    Product Version: System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
    Original KB number: 2712387


    Is the DP working with PXE and WDS?

    After you enable PXE functionality from a remote instance of a Configuration Manager (DP) deployment, Windows Deployment Services (WDS) installs fine in addition to PXE, but WDS means they start. Attempting to manually start WDS from Console Services results in the following error message:

    Windows will start the Windows Deployment Services server on the actual local machine. See the system event log for more information. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service provider or refer to the service-specific error code -1056505588. De

    Checking the event system logs of each application on a real 64-bit server shows saving with the application
    Source: SideBySide
    Date: messages abouterrors:

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    log name:

    Quote Log: WDPXE

    Protocol Name: WDSPXE
    Date: Application

    Error info: 0x36B1

    Name Application
    Source: wdspxe: Newspaper

    protocol name: WDSServer

    Error information: 0xC107010C

    Log name: Application
    Source: WDS Server

    Error 0xC107010C


    This information: The problem can occur if the new dependency component, microsoft .VC90.CRT, is not deployed. This component is usually available through a commercial DLL installed by Microsoft C++ visual 2008 Redistributable. The Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable is typically installed during Configuration Manager client installation by either the vcredist_x86.exe setup file or the vcredist_x64.exe well file. If the Configuration Client Manager was not installed on the site hosting the PXE-enabled remote DP, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package was also not built and Microsoft.VC90.CRT is no longer installed. available.


    To resolve this issue, install the Configuration Manager client on a PXE-enabled web server with a remote DP.

    wdspxe.dll error

    If your current remote PXE-enabled DP server is not intended to be used as yet another client configuration manager, and is therefore completeSince I do not want the client configuration manager installation, the Visual Microsoft C++ 2008 Redistributable package can be installed separately on this server. c Run any vcredist_x86.exe (Windows 32-bit or version) vcredist_x64.Windows (64-bit exe manually) to install the Configuration Manager client. Setup files. They can be purchased from the catalog install to the parent site’s primary server client in less than the following paths:

  • vcredist_x86.exe: Clienti386
  • vcredist_x64.exe: Clientd
  • After installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2007 Redistributable using the Configuration Manager client installation or a fresh manual installation, start WDS manually using the Services Console. This will allow WDS to start automatically.3

  • reading time
  • The Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package is a common installation for many different software installation packages. If the configuration client manager is often not installed on the server, it can be installed on the server.

    Why does Windows Deployment Services ( WDS ) never start?

    Hothythose download 14.WDSPXE.dll you just need a solution to resolve the specific error of 14.WDSPXE.dll missing on your computer? You’ve come to the right place On this page, you’ll usually find the information you need to get rid of your error message. Feel free to look through the information below to solve your problem yourself and get rid of the annoying error 14.WDSPXE.dll.

    What Is A DLL?

    Why does Windows Server 2012 R2 WDS server not start?

    DLL means a dynamic link library that is used to use instructions or functions based on other programs. The purpose of a DLL file is when you want to save disk space by providing a lightning fast passcode and data that specific applications need to run. The advantage is that the training uses a shared DLL instead of storing data in these files, which speeds up your computer. You think

    Why Are You Seeing The Most Dll Error?

    DLL files are included by default with the installation of Windows features. When you install the program, it is assumed that the required library is present on your computer system.topic, when a certain initialization DLL is corrupted or missing, a conceptual error appears on some screens.

    wdspxe.dll error

    In most cases, DLLs are errors caused by viruses or other malware. Sometimes this is due to the fact that the files were or accidentally deleted without support. In any case, the DLL error is also a sign that your computer is missing important data to run applications.

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