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    …If this persists, the problem is affecting the customer service representative.Low .Thermal .Error .Cycle .PowerThere is .a .problem ..the cord Unplug the power supply and bring it home from repair. LSU Hsync sync errorThe theme cycle has come under criticism. Understanding highlighted messages… open forceThe temperature of the inner cycle is normal within the range. Load quality paper in the LSU Scanning Unit) (laser.newsI meanproposed solutions[ahh] Cassette off[yyy] Out of paper ADC error no acknowledgmentDevelopment engine blockedopen at the doorDuplex Jam 0 Check insideDuplex Jam 1 Open/Close Door Fuser door open…

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    …Heating error. Power cycle is open.Outgoing overheating filledBattery errorpaper phase 0 open/close door paper jam 1 open/close door jam 6Please check the seal inside…Irritation in the fuser area Paper is jammed in the paper feed direction. An error has occurred in the printer (switch to smps power… contact service.ReadyOpen/Close Jam Delete LHC Door TemperatureSleep self-diagnosisSelf Diagnosis… Paper Jam in Energy Recovery Mode.The problem with the printer is in the fuser area.proposed solutionsUnplug the power cord, plug it in again and clean…

    10.1 RAP Error On Low Heat

    The fusing unit has not reached the set operating temperature or the thermistor

    Usually worked power off the machine. Unplug the client from the power cord

    Feed when performing tasks that, in turn, do not require electricity. can Electricity easily lead to death or

    NOTE. You can find a cross-list of company references and abbreviations

    in GP 20.

    See 3 complete wiring diagram and wiring diagram. As shown below:

    Perform 1. Checking the actual fuser temperature to check for problems with the thermistorm.

    Go to GP 1. Perform a fuser check to ensure the lamp is working.

    Turn off your device frequently. Take off the ELA Hou welding machine –. If you check others

    Mystor under most has good contact with the fuser rollers and is clean.

    Check if there is a continuous connection between the second pin on the Ela hou block and the fuser, i.e. where it connects

    Fix yourself with the IPR Port Fixer, PL 4.15 Section 28.

    NOTE. The cold fusion block has a resistance of 46 ohms about (220V/240gp).

    open heat error xerox

    Install v) If necessary, a new Ela hou stove block, – PL 9.10 point 4.

    Install if you want the basic version of PBA for beginners, PL 1.10 Point 9. Urgent

    If necessary, install a new one +smps HVPS, PL 1.10 p.4.

    10.2 RAP, Error Even Open When Heated

    open heat error xerox

    Under normal operating conditions, the level is lower than used. Power supply

    Turn off for the ab machine. Disconnect the power cord provided by the customer.tasks

    Perform together without requiring power. Electricity can potentially cause death or

    NOTEANIE. See GP 20 for abbreviation recommendations and cross-reference lists of many components, if necessary

    See And diagram 1, therefore diagram 3. Proceed as follows:

    Turn off the device. Remove the HOW-ELA welding unit. Check if it’s there –

    The mistor is clean and has good contact with the main fuser roller.

    Check the continuity between the 4 pins of the ELA HOU welding machine, where

    Fuser connects terminal to ipr Fuser, PL 4.15, section 28.

    NOTE. A cold fusion unit will most likely have a resistance of about forty-six ohms (220/240 V) or

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    Check if there is indeed continuity through the fusing unit heating element when overheated

    If necessary, buy a new ELA fusing unit With hou, PL 9.10, item 4.

    If recommended, install a new major version of Pba, pl 1.10, item 9. Required,

    when reinstalling each + smps HVPS, PL 1.10 point 4.

  • Code: 10-100, 10-200
  • Display: Fuser Open Error Low Temperature Error
  • Description: thermalThe unit does not reach the temperature during activation time. Connect the laser printer directly to an electrical outlet.
  • Causes: • Fuser thermistor
  • Remedy: Connect the printer directly to an electrical outlet. • and Turn off the model again. If the problem is resolved, do not continue troubleshooting.
    1. Reinstall the fuser. Will the error persist? Go to step 2. Ready. 2. If the problem persists, turn off all the electronic components of the machine and remove the fuser. Check if the connection with the fusing unit is correct. Check if our input voltage is normal. Check the thermistor if it is bent or twisted at any time. Or replace a clean thermistor. Smelter replacement error persists? unit. Done.
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