Over the past few days, some of our users have encountered an error code with ntop win32. This problem occurs for many reasons. We will review them below.

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    The InetNtop function converts a large Internet IPv4 or ipv6 Internet Paradigm format string. Your function’s ANSI version is inet_ntop.


    ntop win32

    PCSTR WSAAPI inet_ntop(  [in] the INT family,  [in] const VOID *pAddr,  [out] PSTR pStringBuf,  [in] size_t StringBufSize);


    Possible address families for a value can be defined in the Ws2def.h header document. Note that the Ws2def.h header must be an auto-include file in Winsock2, otherwise h cannot be used directly. Note that they, the AF_ address family, and the PF_ protocol permanent residence values ​​are the same (and af_inet PF_INET for illustration), so any extension can be used.



    Internet protocol value Value version 4 (ipv4) is family oriented. If this parameter is required, this function returns any IPv4 address string.

    Fighting Family Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). If this parameter is specified, some functions return an IPv6 string address.

    An IP address pointer to in a network byte that allows the string to be converted.

    if the family parameter is AF_INET, then the PAddr parameter must point to IN_ADDR fixed by an IPv4 address.this

    If the parameter family is AF_INET6, the pAddr parameter must point to a structure with in6_addr the IPv6 address to resolve.

    Pointer to a specific buffer that holds a null-terminated string representation of an IP address.

    Is Ntop free?

    For an IPv4 address, this barrier must be large enough to contain at least 16 characters.

    For an IPv6 address, this large buffer should be large enough not to store less than 46 characters.

    How does the INET _ ntop function work in Win32?

    Input data, length (to buffer paragraphs)to a, which is simply referred to by the pStringBuf parameter.

    Return Value

    How does ntop work?

    If no errors occur,The InetNtop function returns a pointer when you want to access a buffer containing a string interpretation of the IP address in normal format.

    Otherwise, NULL is returned, and the specific error code can be retrieved by calling a method on
    wsagetlasterror Get extended error information.

    What is the ntopng tool for Win32 and Unix?

    If the function fails, an extended error code is returned after one wsagetlasterror, you may see the following values.

    The dependencies specified by the parameter in Family are probably not supported. This error is returned as indicated when the Family parameter did not become AF_INET or AF_INET6.which function
    what happened was a painful setting. This error is returned when a null pointer is passed to pStringBuf or the StringBufSize parameter can be null. This error is also returned if the length of the barrier pointed to by the parameter is pStringBuf is not large enough to hold the string representation of an IP address.
    Error address code Value

    InInetNtop provides protocol-independent translation of a string’s addresses. inThe InetNtop function takes an Internet address structure specified in a particular PAddr parameter and returns a null-terminated collection representing the IP address of the address. While the inet_ntoa function only works with IPv4 addresses, the InetNtop function works with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses c.

    Ansi version of this function can be inet_ntop as defined in rfc 2553. For more information, see the RFC Available at 2553 IETF website.

    How to use ntop in linux?

    InPerformance InetNtop does not require loading the core Windows sockets DLL to convert an IP address to a string.

    If the AF_INET family parameter part is specified, then the pAddr parameter must point to an IN_ADDR structure with an IPv4 address to resolve. The address loop returned in the buffer up to dots using the PStringBuf parameter can be specified in dotted decimal notation, such as “”, an example of an IPv4 e-mail address in dotted decimal notation.

    ntop win32

    If the Family parameter is set toSpecified as AF_INET6, the pAddr parameter must point to an uppercase .

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    Ntop Win32
    Ntop Win32
    Ntop Win32
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    Ntop Win32
    Ntop Win32
    Ntop Win32
    Ntop Win32
    Ntop Win32