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    All and all manga! This (manhwa/manhua is just as good!)Discuss weekly chapters, find/recommend a new post brand, image in your collection, hide, etc.!

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  • famness at 18:43:Because I’m too lazy to rewrite a new message and retype it. I’m just going to copy and post what I did with this last night in the organization’s magazine. XD;

    I was looking through some of these secret fandoms the other day and it turned out to be a great bloody picture. :D’ While searching for comments, I found out that the name of the manga series was NaruTaru. I am her~!

    uploaded I was very excited. Horror, but also blood ~ yay! I was so led to believe that for a long time there were only 7 volumes. The file and download I received was read from left to right, so this is a scan in English, right? I didn’t really think about it.

    No blood. There is no blood. Good series indeed! But I wanted you to see the blood, and at all II’ve been cursed. Finally, in volume seven, I get some other blood, but not as much as expected, and I’d say I still don’t have the picture I saw in Fandomsecrets.

    At the end of volume Start 7 to be VERY VERY interesting and. ..Vol7 ends. “To .continue .to .the end… What .what?” Vol7 Isn’t it here? end Then I discovered…

    A total of twelve volumes were published in Japanese, of which seven of those listed were edited in English. English often end up in places other than Japanese. This was due to the location of parts of the Horse, dark manga, which was distributed differently in the Japanese and English versions. The same goes for “Oh My Goddess” in the starting lineup.

    No news, no to announce an English release anytime soon as I would say the series has mature content and low product sales. The English volume of the eighth volume (7 Japanese) and then part of the ninth volume (Japanese 8) were super explosive for the manga! translated, and from the 54th issue of the magazine, the manga was transferred to the format of the former reading from right to left. INlately these non-chapters have been published as separate visual novels.

    WHAT? ! So…since I have scans from the UK, does that mean the bloody mess was also cut out? I missed all the good stuff NOOOOOON? ! ____y; ; And and… WHERE IS THE REST OF THE SERIES?



    So! Anyone claim! translated the package into Japanese? I’m dying of envy! u_u I’ll love you forever!

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    We are currently working on digitizing the remaining volumes right here in this community. We’re just getting started, the third contains chapters part 30. Stay tuned – there’s sure to be a lot (and other gory madness) in these books!

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    Yes, English fiction has been censored for a lot of it. with blood volume in 6/7. If you want the uncensored Japanese volume 6 of Bloody Rrmages, a completely free site with a few scans. There is a lot of sexually disturbing lack of control, so be careful: Telechargement Du Service Pack Narutaru
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