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Sometimes your system may give an error that the event ID is 2115 Health Service. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    This article helps you identify and troubleshoot performance issues that affect the Operations Manager database (opsmgr) and the time of day to insert data into the data warehouse. This applies to all supported System Center Operations Manager options

    Original optional edition: System Center Operations Manager
    Original KB number: 2681388

    A common transmission of Operations Manager database performance queries is the presence of Case event ID 2115 in the Operations Manager event log. These events typically indicate performance issues with any management or hosting server that is running Microsoft SQL Server and as a result of the storage database data is hosted in Operations Manager or Operations Manager.


    The database and data warehouse workflows for operations are associated entries with server administration. These worker processes initially store the data they receive from agents and validation servers in an internal buffer. They then collect the data from the internal buffer part hard and insert it into the database data store yx. When data insertion is applied for the first time, workflows create another Batch form.Body

    The data for each batch depends on the amount of data possible in the beverage creation buffer. However, there is a maximum limit of 5,000 physical data objects per package. As the cycle of incoming data items increases, moreover, as the throughput of the data insert operation for the manager and the throughput of the storage databases for accurate records decrease, each buffer collects more data, the size of each stack increases.

    There are several creation workflows for an action that run reliably on the administration server. For example, the following workflows insert data into your operations manager data source and data store data for different data types:

  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.CollectEntityHealthStateChange
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.CollectPerformanceData
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.CollectEventData
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectAlerts
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectEntityState
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectPublishedEntityState
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectDiscoveryData
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectSignatureData
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectEventData
  • event id 2115 health service

    When a workflow for a Write to Database or Warehouse action on the data management server starts inserting data packets (for example, after more than 60 seconds have passed), the workflow starts logging event ID 2115 in the Operations Manager validation log. persistent The event is logged until the data package is put into the database or data producer, or until the data is deleted by the write workflow engine. Therefore, event ID 2115 is logged due to a delay that occurs while inserting data into the store or list data. The usage is an example of a saved game, as the data is considered deleted by the write workflow mechanism:

    Type Error
    Event Source: Events: HealthService
    Event category: none
    Event ID: 4506
    Data deleted for the first time due to too much data in the “Microsoft.SystemCenter.OperationalDataReporting.SubmitOperationalDataFailed.Alert” rule in a running instance of with a management group .”F56EB161-4ABE-5BC7-610F-4365524F294E” . ..

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  • Name of the workflow in which the problem occurred
  • The time elapsed from the start of the workflow until the last batch of data was inserted.
  • Log name: Operations Manager
    Source: Health Service
    Event ID: 2115
    Level: Warning
    Anchor data source in the FROM GROUPS control group sent items to the workflow, but did not receive a response within 300 seconds. indicates This is a functional or performance issue with these workflows.
    Workflow ID: Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectPublishedEntityState
    Instance 88676CDF-E284-7838-AC70-E898DA1720CB

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  • The Names instance ID: Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectPublishedEntityState. Workers write the process data about the state of the object to the operational database manager. Message-Race ID 2115 indicates that the Microsoft.SystemCenter.CollectPublishedEntityState workflow is attempting to insert a native state entity data package and has beenlaunched 300 seconds ago. In this example, the attachment of the data entity of no state is by no means completed. It usually takes 60 seconds to insert a full batch of data.

    If the workflow ID consists of the term “Data Warehouse Issue”, it is associated with the Data Warehouse Client Base Operations Manager. Another problem is related to the placement of data in the Operations Manager database.


    event id 2115 health service

    One of the following problems can also cause these problems. Problems

    A problem with an insert could indicate a problem with high database performance or too little data being sent by agents. The description of event ID 2115 only indicates that there is a new job that has failed to insert results into the database (Operations Manager operations or the Manager data warehouse). These events can occur for many reasons. For example, a large crowd of Discovery characters may suddenly appear. There might be a problem connecting to the data source, or the database might be full. Or is there often a limitation associatedwith network or disk.Operations

    In Manager, attaching discovery data from is a rather laborious process. It can also be when there are outbreaks, a significant amount of data is received by the management hosting. These spikes can cause transients with event id 2115, but if event id 2115 associated with discovery data collection is persistent, it could either be a database insert issue, data storage location, or discovery rules associated with the management pack . Capture features multiple detections. data.

    Operations Manager configuration updates caused by instance changes caused by disk space or package import control directly affect CPU usage on the website server. This may affect the setting time. After an Import Control Pack or Large Instance Disk Space Optimization, you might expect messages containing event ID 2115. See for more information.

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    Identifiant D Evenement 2115 Service De Sante
    Ereignis Id 2115 Gesundheitsdienst
    Evento Id 2115 Servicio De Salud
    이벤트 Id 2115 의료 서비스
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