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    (Sorry for the long story, I wasted a few days. Basically – trying to convince you of my
    incompetence, but I feel obligated to help you share my experience with 🙂

    I recently had problems using SNMAgent to monitor some
    Windows computers. A cool feature created by SNMAgent is the monitoring of almost all performance counters. I happily modified this to suit my needs, but
    everything started to behave strangely at a few meters. Munin-update
    seemed to complain for no reason:

    Aug 12 [18306] 10:40:10 – Creating RRD file msexch_imf->scl0.Label
    10:40:10 Aug 14 [18306] – Unable to create ” / ” var/lib/munin/domain.local/server1 .domain.local-msexch_imf-scl0-d.rrd: Invalid DS Type
    10:40:10 [18306] 14 Starting from rrd for tag msexch_imf->scl1.>10 14

    I worked tcp from snmagent 4949 myself, the ‘fetch’ and ‘config’ commands
    formulated the expected results. No problem here.

    error invalid ds type

    By experimenting with the Munin theme, it was sometimes possible to create an RRD
    file for at least one value, but some others didn’t all work; from time to timealo failure,
    all for the same visually unchanged SNMAgent configuration! I had
    some suspicions, so I made the following desperate change that the code can update before the RRDs::create:


    It looks like SNMAgent is sending annoying spaces (CRLF?) in the output!

    I tried a quick fix to remove spaces in the returned data and the problem is solved for my Munin 1.2.6:

    error invalid ds type

    — munin-update.ORIGINAL 2008-08-14 16:36:20.000000000 +0200
    +++ munin-update 16:37:17 2008-08-14.000000000 – +0200
    @@ 764.6 +764.10 @@
    logger (“Create rrd many file for “$config->dbdir/$domain/”,0777;

    mkdir >

    + vitko number – trim-space
    + $node->client->$servname->”$client.type” S/^s+//;
    + $node-> =~ client ->$servname->”$client.type” S/s+$//;
    RRDs::create (“$fname”,

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    Author: Vitezslav Kotrla
    August 10 10:40:10 [18306] Creation — rrd file for Msexch_imf->scl1 tag.14
    Aug 10 [18306 10:40:10 AM] – Failed to create “/var/lib/munin/domain.local/server1.domain.local-msexch_imf-scl1- d.rrd”: Invalid type DS
    # (” DEBUG type x ” is: $node->client->$servname->”$client.type” . ” x”);

    14. 12:25:09 Aug [29389] Type DEBUG – xDERIVE From ^mx

    Vitezslav’s contribution —
    — Kotrly
    munin-update.ORIGINAL 08/14/2008 04:36:20.000000000 +0200
    +++ munin – when updating 16 :37:17 2008-08-14.000000000 +0200
    @@ -764.6 +764.10 (“rrd file @@
    create logger relative to $servname->$subservice”);
    mkdir “$config->dbdir/$domain/”,0777;
    + # after vitko – remove extra spaces
    + $node->client->$servname->”$client.type ” S/^s+//;
    + =~ $node->client->$servname->”$client.type” S/s+$//;
    RRD =~ : :create (“$fname”,
    “DS:42:”.($node->client->$servname->”$client.type” ||
    “GAUGE”).”:600 : “.
    min” This —
    may require snmagent cleanup to basket?I’m not sure.Be was
    I would appreciate your feedback and feedback.

    This should go into munin-update. The rule about being nice
    what you agree to is applied. I’ll fix it And “soon” I hope that Matthias
    will build it into 1.2 too.

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    Package: rrdtoolVersion: 1.7.2-3+b4Severity: [email protected]:~> rrdtool returns foo.DS:foo:GAUGE:1:10:1000RPA: rrd AVERAGE: 1:0.5:[email protected]:~> rrdtool update foo.rrd N:[email protected]:~> rrdtool tune foo.rrd DS:xxxERROR: invalid DS format- Melody output 1

    it doesn’t seem to matter much, but it doesThis is a really weird DS for your current .update fileNow will not run:[email protected]:~> day foo rrdtool update.rrd N:100ERROR: foo.rrd: Expected 2 reads from write source (got 1) of N- [email protected]:~> exit rrdtool Foo refresh.rrd N:100:1ERROR: Unknown data collection function “0”rrdtool recycle shows that it is a DS with empty name added and wrong type. 0 0 0.0002525175e-308 0.0001931016e-308 PDP 1 0. 0000000000e+00 194 An empty name makes deletion difficult because “DEL:” doesn’t workapply to this situation. The only way I’ve found to get my data back is to paraphrase it’s XML file.Dump, enter a name, specific name, upload then and create a dump.– Version: System Information:Debian bullseye/seed APT prefers unstable debugging APT policy: (500, “unstable debug”), (500, “unstable”), (500, “old stable”)Architecture: (x86_64)Kernel: Linux amd64 5.5.0-2-amd64 (smp processor cores)Kernel interference flags: 4 TAINT_OOT_MODULE, taint_user, TAINT_UNSIGNED_MODULELanguage: LANG=en_US.utf8, LC_CTYPE=en_US.utf8 (charmap=UTF-8),LANGUAGE=en_US.utf8 /bin/sh (charmap=utf-8)Shell: mounted /bin/dashInitialization: systemd (via /run/systemd/system)LSM: AppArmor: enabledVersions of rrdtool packages based on:iilibc6 2.30-4II libglib2.0-0 2.64.2-1II Librd8 1.7.2-3+b4rrdtool does not recommend packages.Stock versions up to:pn offers rrdtool librrds-perl — debconf info only–see yes nervous

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    Blad Niepoprawny Typ Ds
    Erro Tipo De Ds Invalido
    Error Tipo Ds Invalido
    Errore Tipo Ds Non Valido
    Fel Ogiltig Ds Typ
    Fehler Ungultiger Ds Typ
    Fout Ongeldig Ds Type
    Oshibka Nevernyj Tip Ds
    오류 잘못된 Ds 유형
    Erreur Type Ds Invalide