If you are facing error 1079 for the service specified by the account on your PC, we hope this article will help you.

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    g.Editing the Windows registry is necessary to fix the whole problem. Editing the valuable contents of the ObjectName registry in the Windows registry can resolve the service startup error 1079 whenever you change the login account tag for that service. Therefore, the Windows Event Log service may restart.

    To resolve this issue, a transformation is required of your Windows Registry. Changing the ObjectName registry value in this Windows Registry may fix the Start Helper error if 1079, you switch the account name from Common Service Login. Therefore, the Windows Event Log service can work again.

    This article will help you fix error 1079 after some services crash when you start your computer running Windows 7.

    Applies to: Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2012 R2
    Original KB number: 2478117


    One or more of the following services may not support you when running on a computer running Windows 7:

  • Windows Time (W32Time)
  • Windows Event Log (MpsSvc)
  • Also (event log)

  • Windows Firewall, if you try to start the service manually you will probably get the following error message:

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    Error 1079: The account specified for this other service is the same as the account specified for other services running at the same time. same process


    How do I fix error 1079?

    choose launch typeka, you type services.Locate the Windows Firewall service and double-click it.Select the Connection tab.In the This NT Account text box, type AuthorizationsLocal Services.leave the two password fields blank.Select Apply, then OK.Repeat these steps to filter the Base Engine service.

    The service is created under the local system account, not under the local service account (NT AUTHORITYLocalService). The local system account may not have sufficient permissions to run most services.service


    How do I fix Event Log service is unavailable?

    Download your system first and see if that helps. Sometimes, simply restarting your computer will help reset this service. If the Windows event log usually appears as running, restart it using Service Manager. To find out if the Windows Event Log service is started or stopped, start Services.

    Configure all dependent handlers to run under the NT AUTHORITYLocalService account as well.

    1. Select Start, Services.In msc, type in the box in “Search programs and files” and press Enter.
    2. Find the Windows Firewall service and double-click it.
    3. Select the Connection tab.
    4. In the This account account field, enter NT AUTHORITYLocalService.
    5. Leave the two password fields blank.
    6. Select Apply and then OK.
    7. Repeat some basic steps for the Engine filtering service.
    8. Restart the second service.

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    What is error 1079?

    Error 1079: The plan specified for this service is different from the account specified for alternative services running the same plan ”(Figure 2 [English only]). Figure 1. Event log service not available. Figure 2: Windows was unable to start using Windows Event Log on Local Computer Error 1079.

    For your informationyu: your fix is ​​applicable to practical services where you get error 1079.be

    There can be various reasons why you can’t run expert services on certain windows. This article addresses just one of the common problems that occur when a service fails to start due to an incorrect account.

    In the past We recently had this issue on the Windows 10 Enterprise model. We tried to run the Policy Service Diagnostics and got a corrupted startup with the following message:

    Windows failed to start the Online Policy Service System Diagnostics on Local Computer.1079:

    Error The specified entry for this service is unique to the specified account for other running companies in the same process.

    Microsoft states that this issue can occur if the service is started locally using the system account and not with a reference to the local service account. Because the home system account does not have the necessary execute permissions for these items. Due to the lack of Windows permissions, you cannotstart t service and IMMEDIATELY returns error 1079.

    error 1079 account specified service

    So, if you’re also having trouble with this method, here’s how to schedule it.Error

    Fix 1079: The Account Specified For This Service Is Different From The Account Specified For Other Services Running In The Same Process

    1.Press R, + type services.msc in the Run dialog box and Enter, press to open the Services snap-in.

    2. In the Services snap-in window, right-click the service you are working with and select Properties.

    How do I fix error 1079?

    Select Start, enter services.Find the Windows Firewall service and double click on it.Select the “Connection” tab.VIn the This account text box, enter NT AUTHORITY LocalService.Leave both password fields blank.Select Apply, then click OK.Repeat this information for the Basic Filtering Engine service.

    3. In the properties window, go to the “Connection” tab. Select “This account” and “Browse” click.

    5. Click “Next” in the window now” “Find. Under “Search” “Prefer select results”, click “SERVICE” and locally “OK”.

    7. Let’s return to the properties sheet of the service, explaining that the local service will now be added. leave the Required fields “Password” and “Password Confirmation” blank. you click “Apply”, then “OK”.

    How to fix error 1079 in Windows 8. 1?

    Click “Start”, type “Services.The current youFind the Bluetooth support service and double click it.Click on the “Connection” tab,In the “Account” text field, enter “NT type this AUTHORITYLocalService”.clear password,Click the “Apply” area and then “OK”.Restart these and check the services.

    Now try to start the service until it starts without problems. In the next video about Payment shows fix:

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    Here are some helpful tips to troubleshoot error 1079 “Error: The specified account for this service is different”:

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    How do I fix Windows could not start the service on local computer?

    Right-click the service in Windows Services and go to Properties, then go to the Login tab and select Local System Account. You press the button and ok start the active service. It was pretty easy.

    How do I know if event log is running?

    Start services to check if the Windows Event Log service is running or interrupted. Msc and hit enter to open the service manager. Here again, right-click the Windows Event Log service and check its properties.

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