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    Here are some easy ways to help you fix blackberry CSV sync error issue.


    1. color=”Lime”>Background:
      Old phone: LG Vx9900 (Verizon EnV)
      New phone: 8320 bb (TMobile)

      The only way to get data (from calendars to contacts) from the old phone was in CSV format, which shouldn’t be a problem. So, I read it, and it seemed to me that I could convert these fields from the old list to the new format, and often then sync the devices using Desktop Manager 4.5.

      Sometimes I tried but kept getting the error:

      API could not be initialized


      Didn’t look, bad no one looked for an answer other than “reinstall” (which I created, tried several versions of the DM.)

      blackberry csv sync error

      So I started looking for this specific ASCII import/export tool and then I noticed this:

      AboveMy CSV back page (in a text editor) can be viewed on a human. At the bottom you can see the field using the ASCII import/export tool. I know where it gets the field names from, but currently they are not at allZans. They must be the same, or at least have a defined end in some way.

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      So what am I doing wrong? What about the office? I’m an amateur computer scientist and all I can say is that Intellisync is horribly designed software.

      Does anyone have

      ideas? all

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      07/01/08 20:07

  • Once the

    owner of the Excel CSV file is imported, you tried to change pending string field names and mix people to match the default Desktop Manager settings.

    Otherand Option, although I’ve never tried it myself, showed me that carriers can connect a phone to each other using a specific black box, and it will do all the hard work for you and transfer contacts. I’ve seen the Verizon store several times.

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