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    Got Verizon Motor Oil last week. I followed the instructions and downloaded 4ms
    activesync.2. Synchronization (contacts, e-mail, calendar) went like clockwork, until the wheels suddenly fell off. Activesync
    huffs – hangs for about 4 minutes After – it gives error support code: 86000209.
    I’ve spent the last few days reading threads here. I have many
    latest service packs for Windows XP, modified Norton firewall, modified Windows firewall
    , startup and detection in Outlook help menu recovery, etc.,
    etc. etc. .

    I have seen the same error code and problem: many people
    sent “help” messages, it seems, but no one responded
    with a solution.De

    last week’s message ddudleynm
    Got the Motoroal Verizon Q version. Instructions Followed – downloaded 4ms
    activesync.2. Electronic synchronization (contacts, mail, calendar) works like a clock until the wheels suddenly fall off. Activesync
    chugs for about – 4 stalls minutes – then just throws error support code: 86000209.
    I’ve been posting a few threads here over the past few years. I almost updated
    service pack for XP, windowsfirewall changed Norton, found Windows firewall
    changed, ran the Detect and Repair tool listed in the Outlook help menu, etc.
    etc.< br> This is killing me. Thank you for reading (and helping)…..


    Active sync failed Readabilitydatatable=”1″>

    Author message


    Published: Tue Dec 27 03:22:01 CST, August 2005 Up

    Pocket PC >> Active sync error 86000209


    May suggest to many people another way to fix your mistake, restart other than private.
    i get it every 2 or 3 hours and also the one that starts on sunday

    I’m tired of restarting my computer just to get the exact checkpoint working and being very

    Thanks in advance to the audience

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    Thanks in advance

    activesync error code 86000209


    Computer72 BUT


    Published: Tue Dec 27 03:22:01 CST June 2006 Up

    Active PocketPC >> Sync Error 86000209

    > Hello
    > Can
    > does anyone find another way to fix what might be causing the restart all error
    > calculator. I get a little every 2 or 3 and hours, it started on sunday
    > I got tired of restarting my computer just to get PPC working and
    >well synchronized
    > —
    > Thank you in advance
    > Thank you in advance
    Sorry, I don’t know either. Tried, I restored all my Outlook and created a new
    .pst and continue importing from old, AS4 scanpst, install.1, total
    uninstall and reinstall Outlook panel, which I really hate to do.

    The only way to try my luck is to choose
    “All” individual months) (not as an email sync period.

    countsas a less reliable program with fewer optionsFeatures
    years then. Do not know how to do it.If

    If you find a solution, please post here.

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    Published: Tue Dec 27 CST 07:02:20 2010 Up

    Pocket PC >> Active sync error 86000209
    activesync error code 86000209

    > Hello
    > Can anyone suggest another way to fix this error other than restarting
    ?> to the calculator. The thought comes to mind all or 2 3 a lot and away we go
    > Sunday
    > I’m tired of restarting my computer just to get my main PDA up and running,
    > They must stay in sync
    > —
    > Thank you in advance
    > Thanks to almost everyone Advance
    Another way to fix?
    Telling what people have already tried will help men repeat something

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